The media sector is an integrated area that combines aspects of media law and media litigation. Companies particularly require this expertise following the rapid expansion of social media and digital broadcasting, which has shifted the practice from conventional media law and media-related corporate work to an area where immediate and effective actions are crucial for meaningful enforcement. Due to the locations of many social media platforms, this often involves cross-border enforcement and criminal law expertise in cases where individual rights are frequently violated. In particular, filing lawsuits for restricting access to certain links or removing illegal content within a reasonable timeframe is important in the evolving practice of media law.

GSI's media team, in cooperation with our litigation and IT teams, has established an innovative and forceful practice to deal with matters related to social media. GSI has been advising numerous leading companies in the media sector, as well as high-profile individuals. Our client portfolio includes many high-profile public figures who often face media coverage that may overstep the boundaries of the right to information. As a result, we are well-acquainted with the needs of both sides of the table, providing us with an advantage. Our services include general legal advice on media corporate issues, IP matters, and media litigation, including penal lawsuits.