As one of the core functions of legal services, litigation and dispute resolution has always been at the center. As a matter of fact, the ways of its execution are subject to change depending on the changing business and legal environment. Globalization, increasing competition in the marketplace, spread of cross-border transactions and interconnectedness of business and financial world bring even more complexity, challenge and risk to management of dispute resolution. Dispute resolution teams are expected to have experience not only in court representations but also conducting alternative dispute resolution means outside the court through mediation, negotiations and arbitrations.

GSI dispute resolution and litigation department is so structured that disputes are managed in most efficient ways according to the specific nature of the problem. General corporate disputes including labour and IP litigations or penal cases and IT related disputes are managed and dealt with their own specialist teams and they work collectively to develop a customized solution for each case with an innovative approach.

By placing a particular importance to the management and consultancy of the pre-litigation process, GSI helps the clients to resolve the issues especially about pursuing the administrative and tax suits.

Besides, the enforcement proceedings, either the collection of the debt or obtaining the certificate of insolvency, are concluded timely and efficient way.

The legal proceedings related to recognition and enforcement of the foreign judgment or arbitration awards are pursued by our experienced teams as well.

Our special IT based document management system (iGSI) gives a unique opportunity and advantage to our clients by enabling them to follow-up all stages of their files and access every document related to each case at the simplest and fastest possible way from their offices or even mobile phones which saves everyone’s time and energy by increasing efficiency.