The IT and Telecommunications sector is among the most rapidly advancing and dynamic, characterized by competitive innovation in sourcing products and services. This dynamism and innovation lead to a complex and competitive market structure, requiring active compliance with regulations and innovative business models to maintain clients' business interests.

GSI has prominent strength in the most challenging projects across various technology sectors, such as IT, software, electronics, electronic devices, and telecommunication. We support technology and telecommunication companies in areas such as technology and procurement models, software development, installation, service, and maintenance agreements with suppliers and customers, and compliance with data protection requirements. We also advise them on corporate issues, mergers & acquisitions, banking and security offerings, protection of strategic IP rights, tax, and litigations.

In addition to serving technology and telecommunication companies, we play a pioneering role in Internet Law. This includes applying the new E-Commerce Act, relevant to many industries, and the Internet Act, the main legal framework governing the legitimacy of Internet content in Türkiye. We provide services on compliance issues and have a dedicated team with in-depth experience in internet-related litigation and enforcement of disputes.

GSI provides services not only on e-commerce issues but also on social media-related issues, such as IP infringements, anti-trust issues, or violations of personal or corporate rights. We specialize in domain name disputes, particularly in cases of cybersquatting, and conduct proceedings through the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

GSI also offers a full range of services in cybercrimes law, addressing IT security-related crimes such as hacking, data theft and loss, corporate espionage, privacy infringement, harassment, fraud, and other financial crimes.