The financial world occupies a central role in business life, as any unprecedented volatility in highly interconnected markets can create extra uncertainties, leading to a highly regulated legal framework for operations. On the one hand, such regulations change the way business is conducted; on the other hand, new financial practices and innovations alter the legal framework. This dynamic relationship necessitates that legal professionals have a strong understanding of both the changing nature of business, the financial risks associated with it, and the regulatory framework in order to accurately assist their clients in complex transactions. Distinguished by such a dynamic approach, GSI’s finance practice spans every critical area of finance, involving project finance, securitization, debt and equity capital markets, Islamic finance, banking regulations, crisis avoidance, and risk management.

Representing the full spectrum of project participants, including lenders, sponsors, project joint ventures, contractors, and government agencies, our finance team has gained sophisticated experience in Türkiye’s most critical and pioneering projects across diverse industries such as power and energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, telecommunication, and transportation.

Furthermore, our capital market lawyers offer comprehensive services in areas including, but not limited to, debt and equity transactions, securitizations, initial and secondary public offerings, corporate governance in anticipation of an IPO, and issuance of conventional and non-conventional instruments such as sukuk and murabaha. GSI’s expert capital market team is currently leading the first-of-its-kind public offering on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.