Professional Development

At GSI, we recognize that constant learning and self-development are key elements of sustainable career success, especially in knowledge-based service sectors like the legal profession. To support this, we provide our associates and partners with opportunities for professional growth through internal training, counseling, mentoring, and research programs, while fostering a collaborative teamwork environment within the firm.

Our specialized internal training programs address specific legal practice issues and are designed to refresh our associates' knowledge and keep them abreast of recent developments in legislation and practice. These programs also serve as a platform for mutual exchange and dialogue, allowing associates to share their experiences and challenges. Our contracted counselors, who are recognized academics and experts in their fields, are always available for consultation.

The organizational structure and work culture at GSI naturally lead to mentoring relationships between interns and associates, and between associates and partners. These relationships play a vital role in the development of our lawyers. Additionally, our performance assessment system includes professional development goals for each member, supporting and enhancing the mentoring process.

Each associate at GSI is expected to conduct research and contribute an article once or twice a year to our periodical journal, the GSI Articletter. The research process is supervised by a senior member, usually a partner. Submitted articles undergo a review by a committee or a third-party expert before publication. This entire process provides another opportunity for associates to update their knowledge and receive guidance from senior colleagues.

Overall, teamwork is an integral part of the professional development process at GSI, ensuring that our team members grow together and contribute to our collective success.