2   stands out not only with its size but also with the way it operates, adopting a forward-thinking approach to legal practice.
2   offers the opportunity to work for sector leading clients in landmark deals and projects that would greatly contribute to your experience.
2   is recognized as a leading law firm in many practice areas by the most reputable ranking institutions.
2   helps your professional development through trainings, mentoring and publication programs.
2   has a talent cultivation policy that ensures a safe career path within the firm.
2   employs a performance assessment system so that everyone would be fairly and objectively treated in promotions.
2   provides one of the most professional, structured and IT-integrated work environment in its spacious modern offices.
2   has an attorney team that is composed of finely tuned individuals who are very experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic which you will greatly benefit from.
2   will make you feel welcomed with its diverse firm culture.
2   recognizes non-legal skills and further efforts.