Intellectual Property has always been a very special branch of corporate life, because innovation and creativity plays a very substantial competitive edge in commercial life since the industrial age. Protection of IP therefore gains more weight in law, as the world undergoes rapid changes occurred in information technology. Especially, the wide-spread use of internet, digital marketing and social media has created convenient conditions for counterfeiting operations and more infringements of intellectual property rights. An effective practice of IP Law does therefore require more than the text knowledge of IP. Firm strategy plays an important role in acting efficiently. Our strategy for IP practice is to get an integrated approach to combat the infringements taking place especially on social media and other digital means by facilitating a multi-disciplined advice from our litigation, IT and other related departments.

We have a dedicated team which is well-versed not only in conventional IP matters, such as copyright, trademarks, patents prosecution and portfolio management, but also competitive firm IP analysis, IP audits and IP litigation, licensing or false advertisement and unfair competition. We have had an extensive experience in IP focused industries as well such as pharmaceutical, fashion, footwear, media and entertainment, construction and real estate, automotive and publishing. We do further assist our clients in conducting negotiations, drafting commercial agreements including supply and distribution agreements, research and development agreements, assignments and the agreements involved in joint ventures, franchising and the sale of a business and development of internal intellectual property management strategies.