As our values, honesty, as our first and foremost principle; shall always be observed in all our conducts, be it professional or not. In order to ensure provision of the most qualified professional service, GSI also looks for in its members loyalty in the sense of embracing the work and dedicating his/her knowledge and skills to the work and competency, meaning to have a high level of professional capacity and skills and adopts the principle of diversity in its employment to enhance and enrich itself with diverse perspectives.

As for our relations with the clients, our primary principles are to establish trust and reliability, which does not only mean “trust in competency”, but also include understanding concerns, expectations and priorities of the clients and providing them with the most suitable support service as well; observance of confidentiality, in the meaning of utmost respect to the privacy of the client; and professionalism, that refers to distinguishing our personal thoughts and relationships from those of professional ones.

We consider these values as a reflection of not only self-respect but also for our own profession and our clients.